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Methodic Marble (PT) Featured

Methodic Marble is Luis Pires, portuguese psytrance producer.Having my first psycadelic experience in 2000 and after years of partying , the interest for the music &creation grow, so i have started to make music for fun.....after some years of developing my skills on working with softwares & making noise tools, i started to play at some partys (2007) and Releasing tracks on labels like Psybertribe Rec ,Lua Records and more .With 4 Ep´s released betwen 2009 and 2012 ,tracks on compilations and remixing respected artists such has Derango , Ocelot ,Frantic Noise Nexus, among others,Methodic Marble has no bounderies when came to music production.Inlfluence by a vast styles of psy-trance from the energie of the night full on, with hard complex dark sounds, forest effects and huge atmospheres, the psycadelic experience is garantied.


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