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VA - Secrets of Oz (Jan 2014)


GENRE: Darkspy / Forest

RELEASE DATE: 01/01/2014


LABEL: Badgers Records



01. Cthulhu - Junkie Monkey (149 BPM) 7:18  (Mexiko)

02. Meerkut - La Pampa (148 BPM) 7:41  (France)

03. FraKtal Arabesque - Wild Mandible Generation (148 BPM) 8:13  (Italy)

04. Noema - Phase3 (150 BPM) 7:51  (Greece)         

05. SofiaX & Paul Karma - Silent Night (152 BPM) 7:06 (Greece)

06. Biophotons - Different Worlds (151 BPM) 6:57  (Greece)

07. Caveman & Intelligent Monkey - Chita Of Tarzan (152 BPM) 7:52  (Italy & Turkey)

08. Spagetti Brain - Destroy Lamp (154 BPM) 8:23  (Greece)

09. Nazrael - Mayan_Prophecy (156 BPM)  (Cyprus)

10. Atomental - The_Perpetual_Dissociation (154 BPM)  (Switzerland)




We live in the era of great recession. The world's economy seems to be collapsing. Unemployment is skyrocketing, people lose their houses and this may only be the beginning.

Could the children's story "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" have hidden symbolisms about the solutions to the financial downhill?  The yellow brick road, the emerald city of Oz, even Dorothy's silver slippers may bear secret meanings.

Listen to this compilation 'VA - Secrets of Oz' and unlock the Pandora's box. Get access to the deepest secrets of our world, be awakened and take the situation under your control!

It's not what backs the money, it's who controls its quantity...

Compiled by HoraProject
Mastered by Nik Mar at Pupsidelic Studio
Artwork by Offermoord and Valpigle
Promotion by Jyro
Released in 2014 by Badgers Records

Badgers Records Free Darkpsy net label
Special thanks to all artists for their awesome music and all you Badgers for your support. You know who you are..

Cannibals Enjoy..



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