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My name is Alexis Manis and I’m coming from the European part of Cyprus. I am 38 years old and I’ve been musician all my life. I am playing as a DJ and producing psychedelic trance since 2001. I have been in lineups in local and international summer and winter festivals and parties.

With my live act performance I create a magical night journey uniting to the space vibrations with groovy beats for our ears and our senses keeping the body in trance dance motion. It is unique musical union from sounds filled with emotion, moods and mystery using live Synthesizer performance (Virus C synthesizer).

When I perform my DJ set I love to select and comprise psychedelic trance music from different parts of the globe arranged beyond any genders and borders.

My professional career as a music producer started after I graduated in Electronic music production from SAE and Thames Valley University- London in 2004. Right after I returned to Cyprus I've been voted for no.1 psy trance DJ for two consecutive years (2005-6). I work under solo darkpsy project DigitalX since 2004 and I have released in the summer of 2009 my first split album with Pascal a.k.a Kerberos called VOC (Victims Of Coincidence) with Triplag music combining quality challenging, aggressive dark and groovy style. Now I already released 2 more albums part of my 10 years Anthology and working on the chapter 3 album which will be the completion of the anthology.

Determination, always in search for new sounds and meanings are the key points taking the major part of my conception for the music production that you can find as a result in my work. Keeping always the underground spirit in my production is my signature.

Together with the DJing and the music production I'm working as a sound designer in an international production house well experienced in wide range of video and audio productions including TV and radio commercials, feature films, documentaries, TV series.



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